Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Top 2 Ways you Help Monsanto Every Day (Without Knowing it)

"Big agribusiness & biotech corporations like Monsanto are gaining more and more power over our food supply, thanks in part to Congress creating policies that give them competitive advantage while harming small farmers & competitors, but also because we consume their products every day WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING IT.

Want to do something about it? Accept the "Replace Roundup" challenge now, at http://bytestyle.tv/node/55
and we'll show Monsanto (and Congress) who's really in charge! (hint: it's US, as long as we're willing to stand up)

So... what kind of effect can we really have on a corporate giant like Monsanto? Well, if 50,000 people accept this challenge, and each person who accepts tells 4 friends to substitute their next Roundup purchase (assuming 1.33 gallon container) with a natural alternative, we'll divert $6.7 million dollars away from Monsanto -- that's a HUGE start!"

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