Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Dark-Energy-Fueled Warp Ship: Possible or a 21st-Century Da Vinci "Helicopter"?

The internet was amazed by images of the world's first warpship recently, and if you're wondering how science got past the fiction so quickly, remember how Leonardo is credited with inventing the helicopter? Despite not knowing any of the relevant aerodynamics, physics, engineering, or having any of the required skills other than "able to draw a pretty picture"? It's the same deal.

Dr Richard Obousy recently gifted the Discovery channel with designs for the first "warpship", and in return they gave him more publicity than you can shake a physics consulting firm at. Did you know Dr Obousy has a consulting firm? You do now! Despite containing about as many actual scientific systems as the average Buck Rogers prop, the image circulated the internet because

a) It looks really cool
b) Complete with circular-spinny bits just like in the new Star Trek movie
c) Real Science Credibility (TM) added by throwing around words like "Dark Energy"!


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