Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jim Folsom - Rife Machine Manufacturer - Jailed

'James Folsom is well known, in the Rife world, as the manufacturer and distributor of the BioSolutions/Global Wellness Plus, Rife-type, bio-resonance instruments. He has been marketing this equipment since 1995 from San Diego after taking over the business from the Royal Rife Research Society. Jim has hundreds of testimonials where his devices improved physical symptoms, and in many cases led to full remission and did not have any dissatisfied customers.

In April 2003, he has raided by the FDA as part of their “Operation Cure All”, which targeted various companies in the alternative health market at the time. A lot of equipment was confiscated at the time, but then Jim heard no more for several years. Then just before the statute of limitations would have taken effect, Jim was arrested and charged with many felony counts, including selling a class III medical instrument without a license. He stood by his principles, as he saw himself as not guilty for the following reasons.

He did not need a license to sell the instrument because his equipment was Class 1 biofeedback device exempt. The instrument had been used for 70+ years, with no known harm or side effects. And the device should have been grandfathered in by the FDA, as Rife equipment had already been on the market before 1976. Jim saw this as an opportunity to clear the name of Royal Rife once and for all.He was then offered two or three plea bargains, the last of which would have him plead guilty to a misdemeanor, pay a $250 fine, unsupervised probation for a year, and he would not be able to sell his devices.

Jim, knowing the capabilities of his devices, felt certain he could fight this charge and win. He had been running his business ethically and collecting testimonials for years and so he put together a good defense team. He decided to go through with a jury trial.

Please Donate what you can to Jim's legal defense fund here...

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